Care 2050 is set to deliver a number of initiatives that will increase the productivity of the health and care sector in the Sheffield City Region.

The CARE Innovation Centre 2050 (CIC 2050) will accelerate the development of healthcare products by providing a bridge between industry, the university sector, the NHS, Local Authority welfare services and private healthcare providers. Embracing what has become known as the third industrial revolution, CIC 2050 will carry out R&D into intelligent devices, software and the Internet of Things, in addition to advancing knowledge in more traditional areas. This work will provide UK companies with the tools, techniques and technologies required to develop a new generation of health-related products.

Hospital 2050 is a hospital-based facility, with strong digital foundations, that will provide a model testing environment for health innovations prior to their entering the healthcare system. Located at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Hospital 2050 will link digitally to CIC 2050 and provide the clinical input required to ensure improved outcomes and efficiency.

One of seven national NHS Test Bed  innovation centres was recently announced for the Sheffield City Region. The Test Bed will work within Hospital 2050 to harness and robustly evaluate digital innovations that transform the health and care of patients living with multiple long-term conditions, both physical and mental.The accompanying

Care 2050 Incubation Centre will provide shared conference and meeting facilities together with office and workshop facilities for small manufacturing or digital companies operating in, or diversifying into, the healthcare sector.

The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) aims to become the most advanced research and development centre for physical activity in the world, creating ‘innovations that help people move’ in sport, health-care, physical activity and leisure. The AWRC will undertake research focused upon taking services and products from concept to market, using the intellectual property, products and knowledge developed in the centre to generate both wealth and employment opportunities.